Portal for pc, What is portal render depth?

In the orange box I’ve been playing this game called Portal, and it’s pretty amazing. I’ve been setting up the graphics a bit, and I’ve come across one option called “portal render depth”. It goes up to 9. What does this do? Does it increase the graphic quality of the portals so they look cooler? I’ve messed around with it and can’t really tell what it does.

1 Answer

  • Basically, you know if you create two portals, set up like a mirror see yourself in them and the portal reflected over and over again. The render depth is like the graphics ability to see yourself..so many times. the computers graphics can render up to 9 times.

    this walk through explains it better than I can though.

    http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/93438… just hit control f and type in render depth. Warning, it does contain spoilers as to how to solve the puzzles so don’t read too much if you don’t want to know. ps. The cake is a lie.

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