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Copper Scythe – Official Portal Knights Wiki

Copper Scythe - Official Portal Knights Wiki
The Copper Scythe is one of the Mage Weapons in Portal Knights. When used, it has the following effects on the player: +12 Melee Damage.

Shadow Scythe – Official Portal Knights Wiki


The Shadow Scythe (classified as a dagger for purposes of the Dagger Expert Talents) is one of the Rogue Weapons in Portal Knights.

Scythe Builds? : r/portalknights – Reddit

Scythe Builds? from portalknights

I’m really wanting to use the scythe in this game. … Portal Knights Role-playing Video Game Gaming. 4 Comments sorted by Best.

copper scythe? :: Portal Knights General Discussions – Steam …


Copper scythe is mage weapon, you can craft at altar. Last edited by tsilverwing; May 23, 2018 @ 5:19am. #1.

Classes – Gamer Walkthroughs


The weapons of choice are Magic Wands, Scythes or Magic Staffs. Intelligence and Wisdom are the main attributes … Back to the Portal Knights Walkthrough …

Portal Knights Class & Traits Guide – Gamers Heroes

Portal Knights Class & Traits Guide

This Portal Knights Class & Traits Guide hopes to answer that … Scythe Specialization – Increases damage with Scythe weapons by 25%.

10 tips to get the most out of Portal Knights | GodisaGeek.com


Portal Knights is a cutesy RPG sandbox game very much in the vein of … as a Mage you can choose to specialise in wands, staffs or scythes.

Portal Knights 100%(No DLC) Island and Quest List – Google …


Portal Knights 100%(No DLC) Island and Quest List … 1-05 Garnet Peaks (6 Blue Portal Stones); 1-08 Orson Orchards (6 Blue Portal … Craft Copper Scythe.

House Scythe – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum


Imperial-Knights-Symbol.jpg · Adeptus Mechanicus Portal · Imperial Knights. House Scythe is a Knight House of the Imperium that resides on Death’s Welcome.

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