Powderpuff names???????????

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for those of you who dont know what powderpuff is, it is where the girls become the football players and the guys become cheerleaders (x so my team is made up of juniors and sophmores in highschool and the other team is the freshman and the seniors. We need help coming up with a team name? we were thinking fearless? i also need an individual name. last year mine was sunshine. any suggestions you can give are GREATLY appreciated! (: thanks a ton and God bless!!

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  • huntresses… she-bears… dragons…fearless is good too.

    wish you’d said what position you played, might be easier to give you a nick… like wide receiver i would call twinkle <toes>. qb is shotgun <with good arm and aim> or dasher <if runs a lot>. dasher is good for running bax too. center, of course, is ‘the wall’. tackles can be tank, dozer <as in bull>, wrecker and the like. not real girlie names… but definitely smashmouth.

  • Powder Puff Names

  • Hahaha, am I the only one that was about to start naming the Powerpuff Girls?

    -looks above my answer-

    Ehh, I guess not.

    Stupid fingers, always typing too slow.

  • Blossom



  • pork swords

    chicken snatch

    clit ticklers

    cooter killers

  • buttercup

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