Predict formula of complex formed using coordination numbers?

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Really unsure about these, any help would be great!

Pt^4+ with NH3 (Pt4+ has coordination number 6)

and then how to find coordination number from this formula,


1 Answer

  • Coordination numbers is just the number of ligand atoms attached to the metal.

    So for Pt^4+ with NH3 (Pt4+ has coordination number 6),

    NH3 is the ligand so there’s 6 of them attached to Pt…


    since Pt is 4+ the overall charge of the complex is 4+ as (NH3)6 has a neutral charge.

    For [Ni(CN)4]^2-…

    there are 4 CN’s so the coordination number is 4! If you want to find the oxidation number of nickel…

    x + 4(-1) = -2

    x = +2

    Hope that helps!

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