Pride and Prejudice Quesitons?

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I’m reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and I have some questions. I’m doing a paper on Chapters 7 – 12 of Volume 2 (or chapters 30 – 35 I think) If you could help me understand them it would be great! Thanks.

-What new interest does Mr. Wickham have? What are the reasons behind this new interest? Also, does Elizabeth disapprove?

– Who is Lady Catherine de Bourch related to? How would you describe her treatment to Elizabeth?

– What improtant information does Elizabeth learn aobut Darcy from Colonel Fitzwilliam? How does she react?

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  • These are actually rather easy questions to answer, if you have read these chapters. I probably shouldn’t tell you, but I will.

    Wickham develops an interest in a new girl, Miss King, because she just inherited 10,000 lbs (I believe that was the sum). The irony of this is that Elizabeth can understand his sudden interest in a girl because she just became an heiress and he needs money to live on, while she condemned Charlotte for doing the same thing where Mr. Collins was concerned.

    Lady Catherine de Bourgh is Mr. Darcy’s aunt; she was his mother’s sister. Lady Catherine is dictatorial and asks a lot of impertinent questions of Elizabeth (and everyone, actually).

    Mr. Darcy was the principal means of separating Mr. Bingley from Jane. She had thought that Caroline Bingley was the driving force – before Colonel Fitzwilliam told her of his cousin’s “triumph.” Elizabeth doesn’t let on to the colonel that he’s speaking of her sister, but she’s angry and upset. She closes herself into the bedroom allotted to her and rereads Jane’s letters and cries. She gets a headache from all this and thus doesn’t go to Rosings that night (and Mr. Darcy comes to her at the parsonage and proposes).

  • Oh man – hands down, I’ve gotta say Pride & Prejudice! It’s one of my all-time favourites and isn’t even sad at all 🙂 Atonement is sad. Quite sad. But worth a watch as well 🙂 Enjoy whichever you choose! P.S. Have you seen any Jane Austen films? They’re definitely winners! 😀 I’m a huge fan!

  • I’ll answer one for ya briefly > lady catherine is related to mr darcy through a hopeful union of her fragile daughter to mr darcy

    elizabeth and her family are below lady catherine in station, and wealth and reputation and due to mr darcy’s interest in elizabeth and her family this causes distress to her.

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