Prisons and military boot camps are examples of what erving goffman calls:

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Prisons and military boot camps are examples of what Erving
Goffman calls:

a.      the Rockefeller drug laws.

b.      panopticons.

c.      total institutions.

d.      specific deterrence.

According to the sociologist Georg Simmel, what can you use to
predict the behavior of members of a social group?

a.      whether the group serves a social
or professional function

b.      the number of people in the

c.      whether the group is personal or

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d.      whether the group has a
hierarchical or flat structure

Where is the “right to be forgotten” a policy?

a.      European Union

b.      Argentina

c.      United States

d.      China



1.Total institutions are isolated system managed and govern by
single or multiple authorities by strict code,law and ethics.Jail
and military boot camp are most common example of total

Hence,Option(c) is correct answer.


Number of people in the group can be used to predict the
behavior of member of a social group.

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Hence,option(b) is correct answer.

3.In European union the right of forgotten is a policy.

Hence,option (a) is correct answer.

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