Property Tax in Alameda County: Rates, Lookup, Due Dates, and Amounts

Alameda County Property Tax

Alameda County is located in the US and ranks as the 7th most popular county. Known for its natural beauty, with the county being situated on the bank of a river, it follows the property tax laws and policies outlined in the California Constitution.

Alameda County Property Tax Rate

The base tax rate for Alameda County property tax is 1%, which is then adjusted to include special assessments and bonds. The exact tax rate you pay depends on where you live within the county. Other taxes, such as city tax rates and district taxes, may also apply.

Property Tax in Alameda County: Rates, Lookup, Due Dates, and Amounts

Here are the property tax rates for some cities in Alameda County for the previous year:

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Alameda County Cities Tax Rates
City of Alameda 1.1626
Fremont 1.1322
Castro Valley 1.1848
Berkeley 1.2508
Dublin 1.2850
Hayward 1.2028
Oakland 1.3741
San Leandro 1.2311
Livermore 1.1572

Alameda County Property Tax Lookup

To find information about your property tax, you can use various online tools provided by Alameda County. These tools allow you to access your assessed value, property tax amount due, and even view the county parcel map. It’s important to input the correct information to ensure accurate results.

Alameda County Property Tax Due Dates

The due dates for Alameda County property tax payments are as follows:

  • First installment: Due on November 1st
  • Second installment: Due on February 1st

If you fail to pay the full property tax amount by the due date, a penalty of 10% will be imposed, as per the regulations outlined in the California Constitution. Additionally, there is an additional penalty of $10 for late payment of the second installment.

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Property Tax Amount in Alameda County

The largest portion of the property tax amount is the base 1% tax rate. The total tax rate for the City of Alameda is 1.1626. Before making a payment, it’s important to gather basic details such as your name, mobile number, APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number), and property location.

You can pay your property tax online through the official portal. Credit card payments come with a 2.5% fee, while payments made through a savings account or check are fee-free.

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If you prefer to make an offline payment, you can visit the County Administrative Building office for assistance. The Tax Collectors are available for face-to-face conversations to address any specific concerns. Alternatively, you can send an email stating your queries or call the Tax Collectors at 510-272-6800 during working hours.

If you’re facing difficulty with paying property taxes in full, you have the option to pay in monthly installments. The due dates for these installments are as mentioned above.