Putting TAGS back on CLOTHING?!?!???

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I bought a jacket accidently cut the tags and wore it for a day, didnt like the jacket, now going to return but how do i put the plastic tag things back together?


Thanks already took it back like literally 5 minutes ago. I got an exchange fine lol thanks anyway everyone

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  • Just pin them back on and bring it back. Stores have devices for putting them back on.

  • You need the gun that puts the tags on automatically. Or you can staple it back on the tag of the jacket. other than that just take it back to the store with the tag in the bag, and let them know you took it off by mistake before noticing it doesnt fit. Depending on what store you bought it from, they will take it back. Now if its a store like forever 21 (really strict return policy) they wont go for it. good luck!

    Source(s): many years of returning clothing and any other purchases!
  • The original plastic tag will have left small hole in the garment label or where ever it was attached, by opening this hole slightly using a pin, you can push the end of the tag back into the label.

    failing that, I’m sure if the item has not been worn the store will still take it back. They have taggers in store and can easily fix it before resale.

    Tell them it was a gift and so the labels had been removed but that you managed to get hold of the receipt

    Hope that helps

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  • Just take tag, jacket, and receipt back to the store. They will take it back with no problem I am sure. I do it all the time.

  • i work at a dry cleaners and we use those little plastic guns

    ask them if they could put the tags back on with the plastic

    i’m sure they’ll be happy to do it

    because if you take it back they usually don’t return things that have been worn


  • just bring the take and recipt with the jacket and theyll let u return it

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