R with a circle around it?

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21 Answers

  • It means registered trademark and can be made by holding down your alt key and typing 0174


    or the other one is

    ™ which is typed by holding down ALT and typing 0153

  • R With Circle

  • Registered Trademark

  • Registered trademark.

  • Its a logo to represent that the mark is registered with the government trademark office. Usually in a logo. Sometimes confused with the small TM which is used if the mark is not registered with the same office.

  • Registered.

  • It’s a registered trademark – meaning that that company has registered their company and no one else can steal their name or design or logo, etc.

  • Trademark symbol.

  • Means “Registered” trademark.

    Means “don’t copy this or we’ll send our pack of rabid lawyers to chew through your wallet.” Means “We own this symbol/product/whatever.”


  • It is a registered trademark

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