Realy Good manga like Black Bird?

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I want something of that sort of style but it doesnt have to be like the exact ya know? Thanks! Oh and please leave a description of it with the title! ^__^

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  • Mugen Spiral

    Yayoi, a spunky high school girl, has inherited spiritual powers from her mother, and she uses these powers to protect people. During a fight with the devil Ura, Yayoi’s power turns the devil into a black kitten. Now, even though Ura doesn’t hide his desire to “eat” Yayoi’s power when he gets the chance, they develop an interesting relationship: the two begin living together, and Yayoi takes her new feline “friend” on her adventures.

    Her Majesty’s Dog

    Amane Kamori lives in a rural village, isolated from modern society. She is a powerful medium, able to control living creatures and things through the use of its real name. Her main companion is Hyoue, her guardian demon dog, who she powers up through kissing. Forbidden from revealing her identity, she and Hyoue are allowed to move to Tokyo. Together they work to help both the living and the dead deal with various troubles, while also adjusting to high school society. Amane must deal with jealousy from classmates, who don’t understand why the handsome Hyoue is so devoted to her, as well as with her own family attempting to force her to come home.

    Akuma na Eros (18+)

    Hoping to gain the love of her school’s idol, Shion, Miu summons some unlikely help from a mysterious book. Unfortunately, the help she gets is from Satan, himself, who has other plans on to whom her vιʀԍιɴity now belongs to upon making this pact with him.

    Millenium Snow

    Chiyuki was born with a heart condition, and doctors have been foretelling her death from the first day she was born. Now Chiyuki is 17 years old, and she must live at the hospital, Vowing to enjoy everyday she has left. Each year, Chiyuki looks forward to the first snow, but this year many sense that she might not last much longer! One night she saw through her window a boy jumping off a neighboring roof, rushing out to help she finds Touya Kano! Touya has issues, he does not ꜱᴜcκ blood or want to even be around humans, a really big problem for a vampire!

    Touya is an 18-year-old vampire who hates blood and refuses to make the traditional partnership with a human, whose life-giving blood would keep them both alive for a thousand years.

    From far away

    Noriko Takichi is just an ordinary high school student. One day on her way home from school with her friends, she was hit by bomb blast and she was thrown into another world. In there, when she’s nearly being attacked by monster, Izark suddenly appear and help her. It turns out that Noriko is “The Light” which all the kingdoms in this world have been looking for, and also the one that Izark trying to kill so Izaku can change his fate for not becoming “The Sky Demon” that every one has foretold him to be since his childhood. Noriko believes that she been thrown to this world because there is a purpose, so she try to do her very best. Izark didn’t want to kill Noriko because he starts to like her. The romance starts to grow between them.

    Hanatsuki Hime

    When Lys was born, her heart did not beat at all. To save her, her mother made a contract with a devil: Lys can borrow his heart until the day she turns 16, but after that, he will eat her body. Together with her companion, Siva, someone she met by chance on the desert at night, she travels around as a dancer girl to find the devil who sealed her fate. One day, while they were traveling, they suddenly meet an egoistic prince and a ring spirit…A Thousand and One Nights romance between the devil and the young girl.

    Love Monster

    After failing an entrance exam to her school of dreams, Hiyoko Osora gets an acceptance letter from SM academy without even applying.She arrives at the school and gets a huge shock…All the students are monsters!!. The head of the student council namely Kouro introduces her to the entire school and claims her as his fiance..then sprouts black wings. Hiyo learns that he’s a crow, and she’s the legendary white crow too. Follow Hiyo to discover her past promises, her true self and the pain and dangers of losing everyone she cares about. Let’s find out how they can surpass all the obstacles for the sake of their love!!!

    Midnight Secretary(18+)

    Kaya thought she had found the perfect job when she became the private secretary of Kyouhei Touma – the director of a tableware company of the same name. Kyouhei is a capable director, but his arrogance and sluttish behavior are almost legendary. Kaya is doing her best to prove that she is capable in her work, but one night, by accident, she discovers his secret… of him being a vampire!

    A Devil Just for You

    Sango, a 16 year old, cute, hyper, and somewhat reckless girl, gets rescued one day by a green-eyed boy with black wings who calls himself Kai and claims to be Sango’s “guardian devil”…?

    Akuma na Dolce

    Ogura Mayuri is a loner in high school, with a pendant for cooking and magic that her mother taught her. She’s already summoned a little demon familiar to help her with baking and other small chores.

    But when she accidentally summons a high level demon named Beaut upon spilling tea on her skirt, he allows her to make one wish that he will grant. Mayuri wishes for the stain on her skirt to disappear in exchange for candy. The demon Beaut is outraged by the simple request, but he gets distracted by the smell of sweets – Beaut’s weakness.

    Beast Master

    Yuiko Kubozuka is a high school girl who loves animals. Unfortunately, animals don’t like her and flee’s away from her. One night, while trying to save a runaway cat in a tree, she meets a boy with wild hair and scary eyes who saves the cat. The next day, that boy turns out to be Yuiko’s new transfer classmate, Leo Aoi. Yuiko finds him to be funny and not scary at all, while everyone else feared him. This makes Leo very happy. But there’s a secret hidden within Leo. What will happen to their relationship?


    High school freshman Airi Hoshina has her life goals all planned out – meet a wonderful boy, get married by age 20, and enjoy an ordinary, loving family life. However, Airi’s plan breaks down when she loses an heirloom hand mirror she carries on the way to school. She finds it in the hands of a lordly little boy named Aram, who just used it as a portal from a magical world. Aram has come to Airi’s world in hopes of outrunning trouble at home, but it soon becomes clear that he can no more accomplish that than he can keep Airi from getting mixed up in it.

    Hana to Akuma

    15-years-ago Vivi, the demon, decided to leave the demon realm and come to the human world. There he found an abandoned baby and on a whim decided to keep it. Since then he lived together with Hana…but having a 14 year-old girl around you, is it really that simple?


    It starts with poisonous herbs under the cradle. Then under the sheets. And inside the clothes. Even mixed in the milk that they feed the newborn. This way the child gradually gets used to poisons and becomes the perfect assassination tool – the “Poison Princess” whose every kiss, tear and even touch bring death. Her only chance of survival is to fulfill her duty as an assassin and find a way to live on in the enemy land she is sent to… if her heart is strong enough.

    Full Moon Joker

    Yukihara Mutsuki is a first year of Mitsuki Gakuen high school. She has a somewhat strange [self-ability], the ability to understand people’s feeling. However, usually she acts like a normal girl who is looking for love. One day, Mutsuki meets again with a boy who sat beside her in a train by chance. Can this be…. the destined meeting?? But later, she finds that the meet was a bit of a mistake. Then, she is forced to find jokers, cards that take over people with weak hearts. She falls deeper in love with the boy, still thinking that she has met her prince.

    Shinigami Lovers

    Onda Miku was just a regular high school girl who loves nails. But suddenly, she got into a terrible accident, and the shinigami (soul reaper) Sei fastened his chain of death onto her wrist! Sei may be hot, but he is a bit scary. Being tied together with him, just what kind of fate awaits Miku!?

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