request for conditional release?

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I am in the process of trying to go from the guard to active and when I spoke to my sgt in the guard he said I needed to write a letter to the commander requesting conditional release and why… I am bad at writing letters though could someone please help on how the format of this letter should please. Because the sooner I get this submitted the sooner I can go active and I am really excited to go out be active.. thank you

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  • Go to your Administrative Office and talk to a sergeant or above.

    The letter you need to write is simply a document included in your military record, it’s a formality, nothing more.

    Address it to the Commanding Officer of your unit here

    Type the unit name here

    Type the address here

    Type the date here in military style: 19OCT01

    Skip 2 spaces and say:

    Dear Commander,

    I am writing to request conditional release from the National Guard so that I will be eligible to immediately become an active duty member of the (US Army or US Marine Corps…whatever).

    I feel I will better serve my country as an active duty (soldier, sailor…whatever) than as a reservist. I appreciate your timely concern in this matter as I wish to proceed as soon as possible. Thank you, Sir, it has been a pleasure to serve under your command.


    Type your full name and rank here (4 spaces below Sincerely–all the rest are 2 spaces, no need to indent) and sign and date just above it. Always keep a copy for yourself.

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