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I ordered tickets to Cedar Point from this website on Sunday night. It was significantly cheaper and I thought it was a really good deal. They were supposed to be here by today. Then I get an email saying they got sent to the wrong address and my money will be refunded back to me immediately. It is STILL not back in my account. The website doesn’t work. I tried calling the number and it isn’t in service. The won’t respond to my emails. Does ANYONE know ANYTHING I can do?! Has anyone else ever had this problem? I’m very upset about this.

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  • I’m in the the same boat…apparently this is a SCAM!!!! I purchased tickets a week ago; received the same generic email (2 emails, actually) of how the tickets went to the wrong address and you can get 2 free tickets later with a refund of the money. No refund; website gone, etc. And the 2 emails that were sent didn’t even have my email address in the address bar…live and learn…

    I recommend disputing the charge with your credit card…that’s what I’m about to do…

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  • I did the same thing ordered 2 tickets on this last friday.. Next what do i see the same email everyone is getting. Sent the tickets to the wrong address when the website is up we will give you 2 free tickets with this code. im saving the email and reporting it to the my bank.. I would do the same if this happen to anyone else also.

  • Unfortunately, I have been trying to contact them with the same results. Looks like the company does not exist.

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