Roger Penske want’s 250,000 fans  for the Indy. 500.  We all want things to be normal yes but this is so wrong should he be held liable? ?

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4 Answers

  • Liable for what?  No one is being forced to go. 

  • That’s a big place. As well as they manage traffic in and out, I don’t see this as an unreasonable goal. Penske usually gets what he wants. He will manage and every one will feel they got their money’s worth, with minimal risk.

  • If he can do it safetly then its up to him. However if he fails to take proper precautions and there’s a covid outbreak amongst attendee’s, he should be forced to cover the expenses of those who catch it. Being honest, if the UK hadn’t introduced this travel ban, I’d be on my way over for my first Indy 500… Hopefully i can do the triple crown next year instead (Monaco, Indy and Le Mans)…

  • thats up to whoever is in charge

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