RUNESCAPE: Where is the fairy ring closest to a teleport location?

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Say I want to get to a fairy ring fast and i’m nowhere close to one, where would i teleport to to get closest to one? I currently use Varrock teleport and then head north-west to the FR between GE and Edgeville. Is there a better option? Thanks mates 😉

4 Answers

  • I’d say that the one between G.E. and edgeville is the best, or the one south of Ardounge, but you can try to figure it out by looking at this map. 😀…

  • I use the same fairy ring to start but I use a Glory to get to Edgeville, then run over the bridge, and straight down south to the fairy ring.

    I also use the site mentioned above, I love the worldmap that shows all the different transportation means in one. You really should check it out!

  • Hi,

    If you visit this link, its a transportation map/guide which shows you all the fairy ring codes,where they are and where you can go, it also shows other transportation links……

    I use it ALL the time

    Have fun

  • Lumby home port, then go to the fary place.. thats the best i can think of =

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