scienticic cross word puzzle?

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I am doing a cross word for school can some one help please. This is the web site to find the cross word and if that does not work mayby you can just tell me this one. Data is collected into this nine letters i beleave that it starts with a D.

Scientific Method Crossword Review


1. variable that can be changed

6. list of directions that tests the hypothesis; produces data

8. group in the procedure where there is no change/ normal conditions

11. paragraph where data is studied carefully

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12. variable that depends on the independent variable

13. data is displayed in this


2. group in the procedure where there is a change

3. type of graph that display data in a number of separate or distinct categories

4. testable problem that can be proved or disproved

5. is used to solve scientific questions

7. data is recorded into this

9. type of graph that shows how the dependent variable changes in response to independent variable

10. predicted answer to the question; if-then statement

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To find the website that has the actual crossword on it go to google and type in scientific method crossword review and click on the link that has this url…/scientific_method_crossword_review.doc

4 Answers

  • Across

    1. independent

    6. procedure

    8. control

    11. (not sure. sorry!)

    12. dependent

    13. graph? (sorry not sure. they both fit)


    2. experimental

    3. bar

    4. hypothesis

    5. scientific method (if there is a space between 2 words)

    7. table? (sorry! i’m not sure about this one!)

    9. line

    10. hypothesis? (sorry not sure!)

    i’m sure once you start filling in some of the answers you will be able to figure out what goes where. I hope I helped you! 🙂

  • Milk

  • That’s not totally wrong

  • 4. hypothesis

    good luck!!

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