Shiba Inu or Border Collie? Which one is more loyal, affectionate and loving?

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I’m looking for a dog that I’m able to take a lot of places, such as camping, dog parks etc. I also am looking for a dog easy to train. Which one is the best choice?

Also, I own an Australian cattle dog (or my fiance does- not pleased with the agression level!) and a german shepherd. The german shepherd still lives at my parents house though. I’ve done intense research on the Shiba Inu, and am not pleased with the “independent” personality they carry. Can/Will they warm up to one person? Also, what does everybody think about the “Lassie” collie?

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  • Shiba Inu and Border Collies are at two nearly completely different ends of the spectrum…

    The biggest difference?

    The Border Collie wants to please you, think, and learn.

    The Shiba Inu could care less.

    If you want a dog that will be “easy” to train, and want to teach it many tricks, have it play with other dogs and enjoy lots of different people, go for the Border Collie.

    If you want a more reserved, aloof, and catlike companion that will most likely ignore or avoid strangers and only want to be by your side, and might take a bit more work to motivate through training, go for the Shiba.

    I do want to note though, that the Border Collie is extremely high energy and driven to work, and NEED a job. They NEED you to do something with them, for a good part of the day. If they get bored they’ll get destructive. Shiba Inu are less high energy and don’t actively seek a job like BCs do.

    If you’ve never had a dog before, I suggest trying a different breed. Brittany Spaniels are wonderful medium sized dogs that, while they can be high energy, are also quite easy to train and many are happy to lay around for a good part of the day. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are another great dog, they’ll be less high energy, but still would love going about with you… they look kind of like short, deeper colored golden retrievers with white markings. They are also medium sized.

    Just some suggestions— kudos doing research before rushing out any buying! Not enough people do that anymore!

  • Shiba Inu Border Collie Mix

  • Neither breed is for a first time dog owner, both are intense dogs in their own way. The Shiba Inu is naturally not good with children, strangers, or other dogs. They require intense socialization and a strong pack leader from day 1 to keep them on the straight and narrow. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, I have seem some horrible fights regarding this breed. So as for taking it places, this might not be the best breed. They are also on the stubborn side, so training can be difficult. As for loyal, most of them turn into 1 person dogs. The Border Collie is naturally intense because of its energy and herding drive. They are pretty social, easy to train, and loyal – but friendly and usually willing to work for anyone because they love working so much. They would enjoy the outings that you suggested, but also need a lot more. This isn’t a dog that you can take for a walk around the block to tire out. It needs agility, obedience, herding and more everyday. These dogs want to please their owners and work all day long. Out of the two, I would say Border Collie, but I still don’t know if that is really the right breed for you. Either way, find a serious breeder because both breeds are sometimes overbred, produced by puppymills and backyard breeders, and developing health and temperament issues because of the ignorant breeding.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Shiba Inu or Border Collie? Which one is more loyal, affectionate and loving?

    I’m looking for a dog that I’m able to take a lot of places, such as camping, dog parks etc. I also am looking for a dog easy to train. Which one is the best choice?

  • I’d recommend the Shiba

    Border Collies really need to be owned by someone who will WORK them…be it traditional sheep ranching or some sort of competition like fly-ball, frisbee catch, agility, etc. (and we are talking about the type of person who would do a 1 hour training session each day with the dog)

    The flip side is the Shiba can be a little snappy at other dogs if he is raised alone, and he can be kind of stubborn.

    as far as loyalty, affection, and love, that really depends on the individual dog. Neither will be as gregarious as say a black lab, but both will be very loyal, loving, and affectionate IF you do your part and provide the dog what it needs most…a strong pack leader who is calm and sure of himself/herself.

    That’s why a dog can actually be happier living with a tramp under a bridge IF the tramp is a great pack leader vs a ditzy TV star who views the dog as either a fashion accessory or a human child which makes the dog very emotionally distressed.

    However, there is a world of dogs much bigger than these two breeds. With what you describe neither of the two breeds are perfect for you.

    Have you thought of:


    Schnauzer – standard size

    Poodle – miniature…or maybe standard, but probably not toy

    American Eskimo Dog – standard or mini but probably not toy


    Shetland Sheepdog


    Australian Cattle Dog

    Australian Shepard (really American not Aussie)…esp the ‘mini’ variety which just means height from 14″ to 17″…

  • First, I want to say that my rescue dog knows 70 cues tricks’ post is great, so please vote for it as the best.

    I normally try to talk people out of getting Border Collies because they are HYPER, but you sound like a good potential owner for a BC. BCs need to kept be busy all the time and really need people that either have a ranch or can take them everywhere. You sound like the later.

    If you get a BC, be sure you don’t leave it in your house or in your backyard all day =] You won’t be please with what happens.

  • a border collie would be the best choice for you considering the shiba inu can be very hostile and arent always the nicest of dogs. border collies are kind and loyal and would be very imppresive if you were to bring him or her to a dog park… if you want a friend who will be loyal and protect you… then the collie is the dog for you. just like any other breed if you put in the time training is possible good luck hope this helps :]

  • Not all dogs act the way the breed is supposed to, but I can tell you what I’ve heard/seen.

    Shib Inu’s are known to be stubborn and cat-like. They are hard to train and don’t respond well to commands. Its not that they are stupid, they just act more like a cat than a dog and will ignore you. I have a coworker who has one that never came to its name, even though she’s been through puppy class and obedience class. It never was trained very well, but I don’t know if that is the breed or my coworker’s fault.

    Border collies are VERY smart, but also VERY high energy. You have to be ready for lots of walks, obedience class, and tons of crazy energy, even when you are sick or if it is cold outside. They need a “job” to do to keep them entertained so they don’t destroy your house. They are very easy to train if you know what you are doing (I recommend obedience classes for all dogs, but especially high energy dogs like this that will become destructive if they get bored).

    I don’t like telling people which breed is right for them, its something you have to decide yourself. Do your research. Don’t get a dog until you know you have the time and money for one (they require a LOT of time, and a LOT of money, you shouldn’t get a dog if you can’t pay vet bills).

    Good luck!

  • border collie’s are naturally loving and affectionate, but they tend to be that way to any person that comes up to them so i don’t know if i would consider them loyal, shiba inu’s if not properly socialized can become a one dog only type. they are good affectionate loving and loyal but if you don’t socialize them with other dogs, they can become dog aggression…

  • KUDOS TO YOU for researching and thinking about the dog you will get.

    I think ANY dog will be loyal, affectionate and loving, if you treat it right, the breed does not matter whatsoever.

    Know that border collies need a LOT of excercise and training (that breed HAS TO HAS TO use it’s mind) or they will go nutters, and you will BOTH be miserable.

    HOwever, if given much excercise eveyr day, and many chances to learn things, and get worn out, they make lovely dogs…IF you keep it busy!!!




    To me, the most IMPORTANT thing to creating a harmonious dog/person match up, is matching YOUR activity level/hours you are willing to devote to excercizing&training a dog, with the dog’s energy level.

    It does not matter what breed fits well with another person, at all.

    It is not the size of your yard, either, but how many HOURS each day you can focus entirely on the dog.

    It is important, to match your activity level and lifestyle, with the activity needs of the dog you are bringing home. THAT is the single most crucial step to creating a harmonious dog/human relationship.

    If you are a roller blader, a jogger, a bicycle rider, a very active outdoorsy person, you might be really disappointed with a laid back mastiff.

    If you work full time, go to school full time, and have busy social life, and not a lot of time to help a dog run and walk many miles each day, have no interest in training dogs to use their minds, then don’t bring home a border collie. The dog will go nutters, and you will be so annoyed when he eats your sofa out of frustration.

    If you want a dog to go around the block once, and then “watch tv with you”, and do not plan to give the dog at least 2 lonGGGGg walks each day, consider rescuing a senior dog. They love to watch tv.

    Please research the breed, or predominate breed in the dog or puppy that you are considering taking home. There are many online quizzes to look over to help you sort out the breed that is best suited to your lifestyle, to the amount of time and energy you are willing to dedicate to your dog.

    And please RESCUE your next best friend:

    If you scroll around in above link, there is a quiz to help determine correct energy level for YOU!!!

    EDIT—my border collie is friendly to everyone,(now that i rehabbed him from beinga gangsta!!)

    Buddy LOVES EM ALL, for about 5 minutes and then he zones and resumes his ongoing search for bunnies, always hoping. Still, he loves everyone, is always happy to meet them…. Buddy’s interest in his OWN family is intense, though. hOWEVER, he IS very friendly.


    My pals BC is fantastically outgoing, just focuses 100% on eveyrone, for extended periods of time…………AND her other BC is very withdrawn and shy, and loathes to meet new ppl, but, loves her to pieces…


    EDIT #2) if if if you reeeeally want to take home a no-mystery dog, do consider a dog “in rescue”. This is different from a dog in a dog pound, (although, i do get my dogs from dog pounds).

    see, a dog “in rescue” is living with a foster family,see? and that family can tell you EVERYTHING about the dog or puppy. Does it have any behavorial issues or fears? How does ti get on with kids? cats? other dogs?

    Does it bark a lot? shed a lot? How much excercise does this particular dog need to keep sane? etc etc.

    and YES, that dog WILL love you, sure will, i promise you that, same as if you were the only human it ever saw, more than you love your self, more than the dog loves his own life, IF anyone just gives the dog a chance to prove it.

    so maybe look over the dogs “in rescue” here:

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