Shopping Card Store Any Good?

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So today a car dealer gave me a $300 shopping card to, The site says I have to pay a processing fee plus shipping and handling, so I want to know the catch. Nothing is free in life.

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  • “This card is basically a scam! The card will not cover the shipping cost (which is just as much or more than what the item actually cost!) Then you have to pay a $5.00 processing fee and on top of all that, most of the items to choose from are low budget. Bottom Line it’s not even worth it. “

  • We are upset about this scam being used on hard working people shopping for a car. The activation is a waste of time, a wild goose chase because not even the website ever loads and after a long while there is an error message about the server not accepting contact; obviously avoiding the car shopping victims and done purposely. A blessing in disguise; judging by the comments about the worthless merchandise. However, it is a shame that companies and especially car dealerships use these scams with impunity; there should be laws against this and we are making a formal complaint to the Consumer Protection Agency in our state.

  • I received a $100 gift card that actually was 4 $25 cards good for 4 separate stores run by the same company. I figured that I ended up receiving 4 items worth $5 each (they claimed they were worth $15) after paying shipping (included in the $100). It was not worth my time.

    You can probably find many of the items in a dollar store.

    If the processing fee, shipping, and handling are not included in the $300 I guarantee that is what the item would be worth.

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  • I too received a $300.00 shopping card from a local car dealership and cannot even activate the damn thing! What a joke! Baytown Nissan should be ashamed of themselves They WILL be hearing from me!

  • I too received a $300.00 shopping card from a local car dealership and cannot even activate the damn thing! What a joke! KIA of Old Saybrook should be ashamed of themselves; they WILL be hearing from me!

  • Seniors Beware Anderson Chevrolet said I was a certified winner and guaranteed me a prize I was afraid to give my credit card over the internet and asked my daughter to see if it was safe. It is a scam. They are using this scam to get people in to buy cars. STAY AWAY FROM ANDERSON CHEVROLET. THEY ARE PREYING ON SENIORS TRYING TO GET THEM TO OBLIGATE THEMSELVES IN DEBT. OTHER COOMPANIES ARE USING THIS ACAM TO. WATCH OUT FOR THEM

  • Shoppingcardstore

  • Horrible experience just to activate and the gifts are worth $1.00 or less MAZDA San Antonio)should be ashamed as well and this type of scam should not be allowed.

  • this place is horrible, like many of the previous reviewers I agree this place is a complete waste of time, I only kept the card to frame it, for my wife was extremely happy that we won something. FYI it cost less for us to frame the piece of plastic than to pay for this companies processing/shipping fees.

  • not good just another ripoff sure you get free dollar store items, but you pay high shipping and handling fees and $5 processing fee

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