Should my dachshund’s crate be next to the radiator?

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I am getting a dachshund, but I have a very small bedroom, and I really want her to sleep in my room with me in her crate. The only place i have room for the crate, and right next to a heater. I don’t know is it’s healthy for her to sleep that close to a heater?

The thing is, I cannot move my heater, because it is attached to the wall, plus there is no other wall space for it to go.

HELP PLEASE! Is it unhealthy, or will it be ok?

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  • All dogs love the heat, especially dachhshunds (I have a four year old male who loves nothing more than basking in the sun), but right next to a heater in a metal crate which will absorb the heat and possibly injure your pup, is not a good idea. Close to the heater, probably okay – right next to it, most definately not.

    Can you try to rearrange your bedroom furniture for a few months to accomodate the crate before she moves into her own little doggy bed? I understand you wanting to have her close (mine sleeps in my bedroom too), but if this is only going to be a short term arrangement for you, you may want to rethink it. Your dachshund will get very used to it very quickly and it will be hard for you to move her out if thats what you eventually intend to do.

    I used to have a female dachshund who, when I had the heating on, would lie flat out in the hallway underneath the radiator…it was her favourite place. But she was free to move if she got too hot, and she wasn’t in a metal crate which could get very very hot to the touch.

    Have fun with your dachshund pup though…they are great little dogs even though my view might be slightly biased 🙂

  • sometimes, hiding treats in the bedding so they have something to dig around for can help, just remember that what goes in must come out, and you may want to get up a little earlier than 4 to take him outside. Also, when putting a dog in his crate, always bribe him in with treats… never force him in. If he goes in there on his own, he will learn to like it. If you push or put him in and lock it, he’ll see it as a trap. I know that bribing them in can be hard. It took me an hour (not exagerating) to get my sheltie in the first night, the next few nights it too 45 mins (she’s very timid and was afraid of the crate and the door) after about a week and a half, she would run in and wait for her treat at bed time. The crate is worth it, don’t give up!

  • I think this could be a problem but it’s difficult to advise really, without feeling exactly how much heat is coming off the radiator. Is there any way you could shield her from the direct heat from the radiator? A board or something down that side of her crate? Or maybe turn the heat from the rad. down a bit, if there’s an individual thermostat on it. Initially actually it will be nice for the puppy to be near the warmth, especially one with a short coat, like a Dachsie. I have a rad near my Whippet’s cage overnight but not directly alongside.

  • Probably not the best idea.

    Remember, your pup wont be able to TELL you if she’s too hot.

    Also probably best not to get her used to sleeping in the bedroom, as if this doesn’t work out it’ll be hard to then remove her from the room and make her sleep alone….. She might whimper through the night 🙁

    You can’t promise that you’ll be with her 365 nights of the year so she can sleep in your room, so you need her to understand that she sleeps on her own, while she’s still young. Much easier to teach this to a young puppy, than an older dog that’s been allowed to sleep upstairs.

    Good luck xx

  • What is the temp of your room?

    What size and coat length will your pup have? (A longhaired standard Doxie pup will stay warmer, in general, than a shortcoated mini Doxie pup.)

    How hot does the radiator get? If it heats up a ton, then I would be concerned.

    Might be worth switching out a night stand for a crate. Many of us dogfolk use the tops of plastic crates as tables. 😉

    Good luck and if you want ongoing support from a team of pros – stop by the forums over at – they are free and moderated. No flaming allowed.

    Enjoy your pup!

  • I wouldn’t advcie having the crate next to the heater. Yes dogs love to lay next to the heater but when they get to hot they can move away from it in a crate they are stuck there. So the dog can get overheatered.

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  • i wouldn’t

    se up next to bed when you go to bed

  • it would be unhealthy for your dog to be so close to the heater. dogs normally can stay warm with their coat.

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