Should police be able to stop you and ask what you are doing outside during a covid lockdown ?

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9 Answers

  • its their job to ask you

  • Absolutely NOT. It is NONE of their business what you are doing unless they see you commit a REAL crime or have a warrant.

  • NOT Happening no matter what the liberal governors are asking for!

  • They did do this in other countries. In Italy, for example, you were only allowed to go a certain distance from your front door unless you were heading to work or two food shopping. That kind of draconian surveillance and restriction would never fly in the United States

  • *adopted German accent*

    Let me see your papers.

  • We don’t live in a facist totalitarianism yet. Don’t let the barbed wire fences around the Capitol fool you.

  • Yes they should 

    P. Shouldman 

  • The last time we had any kind of lockdown around my area was over a year ago, you could still go to the grocery, pharmacy, work if it’s open. Bars were shut down by cops because they didn’t close, that’s about it 

  • Cops can ask anything they want, but that doesn’t mean im required to answer, since I dindu nuffin!

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