Simplify…… 4i(6i)=???

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  • 24i^2=-24

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    Simplify…… 4i(6i)=???

  • 4i(6i) so distribute the 4i to the 6i

    so it’s 24i^2

    but you can’t leave it as i^2 because i^ 2 is equal to -1

    so it’s actually 24(-1)

    = -24

  • I assume “i” is the square root of negative 1, or the imaginary number.


    Since i^2 is the square root of -1 squared, i^2 equals -1.

    And 24 * -1 is -24.


  • 4i(6i)


    i² = -1

    24 * -1

    – 24

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  • = 4i(6i)

    = 24i²

    Answer: 24i²

  • i^2=1

    24*1=24. Duh??

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