Since the US government has now released it’s own evidence and beliefs in UFO’s, is this proof of visitation by intelligent beings?

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Bill, what can explain these crafts being witnessed and recorded defying laws of physics here on earth?

Ivan, i can agree with that point, but is it not substantial that the government even bothers to release such findings and footage?  And I think by them doing so it certainly does support and help corroborate what countless individuals have encountered for quite some time now. 

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  • The ordinary public has been seeing and trying to record these things long before. We may get better close-ups from the military, as they have better technology : though our authorities will still be trying to remain in control of the situation ; and hide THEIR OWN technology at the same time 

    It’s hardly surprising there’s so much CONFUSION on the subject : secrecy ; dishonesty ; disbelief ; make-believe. And we are just ordinary people 

    Or are we ?

    The government could be releasing its information slowly. We know there are exoplanets etc. Some aliens will be from there ; others live in space permanently

    I would like to think some of these craft are from our solar system – instead of visiting -; but dauntingly there’s a good chance some aren’t. The witnesses aren’t ALL professional story-tellers – and I reckon they’d HAVE TO BE to invent these accounts


    Some crafts will be from motherships – which themselves have also been seen on Earth. You see the enormous difference between humans and aliens. The crafts will have UNBELIEVABLE technology humans can’t understand (annoyingly another reason why they’re disbelieved) ; just like their motherships. The aliens will NOT want to be captured on Earth 


    It’s actually ALIENS who’re controlling the situation

    Of course, some of the stories are untrue ; but only one has to be true

  • I didn’t know they had released anything. I bet it wasn’t disclosure all the same. If the aliens do come, the word on the street is, we have nothing to worry about because they eat Indian scammers and piss petrol.

  • I don’t think we’re quite there yet. But we do know there’s some really hot technology out there, and no one is stepping up and claiming it. 

  • I don’t really think that alot of us were waiting for the US govt to tell us something we already knew

  • it could be proof

  • Nope. Einstein has SPOKEN. No FTL travel is possible. Sorry, physics beats the psychics 

  • It’s proof there’s something [email protected] up going on.

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