Skirts skirts skirts!?

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Can anyone tell me where to get a pretty and stylish skirt.. one that is above the knee.



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  • River Island, Topshop,Matalan,Bay Trading x

  • There’s a 1000 skirts here on


  • Forever 21! They have the cutest skirts!

  • I only wear skinny jeans unless it’s summer then cute dresses or short shorts with a t-shirt don’t like to really be to dressy since I’m always climbing trees and running around.

  • Calvin Klein, I bought my girlfriend a couple of skirts from there and they are amazing, and they aren’t very expensive to boot.

  • Newlook

  • I reccommend this new UK site It has a few skirts and things. You should also have a look on It’s flippin’ brilliant too!

  • If you have nice legs to put them on maybe its cause there revealing its more alluring than pants and you simply get a lttle bit more attention considering them

  • I’m more of a skirt and dress kind of woman. I prefer dresses that are about knee-length though

  • Ambercrombie

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    Victoria Secret (the do sell clothes not just lonjerey [however you spell it])

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