Skyrim returned to and now stuck Irkngthand?

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I’ve already done the thieves guild quests except the last one where you return the key. I decided to go back and get all the chests with the Skeleton key, and now im stuck in the room just before where you kill mercer. It is now flooded, so the door wont open to go in, and I can’t go back because there’s a ledge behind me that I can’t jump up.

And NO I can not console command because im on a Console haha

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Thanks for any help

5 Answers

  • Look for help here:

  • Skyrim Irkngthand

  • It is impossible to get the door to open when revisiting the ruin. However, If you already at the door, and therefore stuck at the ledge, there is a simple solution. Jump on the chest next to the Falmer tent in some room with the ledge. From there, jump on the fence further way (in the direction of the corner), proceeding at that point to jump on the tent at the highest point possible, in which you can then scale to the top. From there, simply face toward the ledge, and whirlwind sprint your little (or big) heart out, and you should now not be stuck and wont have to reload previous save, possibly leaving some of your hard-earned loot behind. This may take a few tries, but it DOES work, just try not to fall in the hall at the top of the tent.. 😉 happy adventuring all!

  • I just did this and reloaded my save.. but there is a solution, if you can pull it off.. or if you’re still there..

    Try reading the bottom of this page of the Skyrim wiki. It’s under bugs.

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