so what does “ala” mean in spanish?

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  • its a slang term…loosley translated..”to the”…but if you translate something to english with “ala” in it then it wont really make sense

    and it can mean wing…

  • Well since you didn’t specify how it was used, it could be two things.

    My first guess is that you heard or read it from a restaurant menu. One example is Camarones ala Diabla….which is a plate of sauteed Shrimp heavily doused with hot sauce.

    Camarones means shrimp. Diabla refers to the hotness and spiciness of the dish, while “ala” means “to the style of.”

    “Shrimp to the style of ultra hot spiciness.” That’s what that dish name literally means.

    Ala is also the word for wing.

  • “ala” means nothing the correct phrase is ” a la”

    or “a las” for sample:

    What time the bus arrive? A que hora llega el Bus

    The bus arrives at 4 PM El bus llega “a las” 4 pm

  • (ala) means(to the) in spanish

  • If something crazy or weird just happened and someone says “ALA”, then that basically translates to “D*MN……”

  • If your refer to your previous question, it’s “a la” = “to the”

  • wing

  • it is slang for whats up

    i know: i lived in colombia for 7 years

    it can also mean wing

  • it’s like DAMN!!!!

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