solve this equation: y/9+5=0?

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A. y=45

B. y=5

C. y=-45

D. y=-5

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  • do you really need help or are you just making other people do your homework

  • C. y = – 45 is the correct answer, but more importantly you need to know how to solve these type of problems for yourself. y/9 + 5 = 0 is solved by: 1. getting the variable alone which means you subtract 5 from both sides of the equation. This leaves you with y/9 = -5. Then you multiply both sides of the equations by 9/1 because it is the inverse of 1y/9. the 9y/9 equals 1y or just y. the 9/1 times – 5/1 = – 45.

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  • subtract 5 from both sides:

    (y/9) + 5 -5 = 0 -5

    (y/9) + 0 = -5

    Multiply both sides by 9:

    9 (y/9) = -5 9

    =1* y = -45

    y= -45 or C

  • y/9+5=0




    Answer: C

  • you want to “undo” the maths to get “y” throughout itself. So, if the priority grants 5 to y, you want to subtract 5 to get rid of it. Do an same component to the different component to the equation. What do you get now?? then you definately favor to undo the dept. the option of branch is what? attempt this to both component to the equation using the hot huge type you got here upon for the right hand section. Now you need to have “y” through itself equals something. good success 🙂

  • y/9 + 5 = 0

    subtract 5 form each side

    y/9 = -5

    Then multiply each side by 9



  • y/9+5=0



  • y/9+5=0


    y=-45 (C)

  • y/9+5=0

     -5   -5

    y/9= -5

    x9 x9

    C. y= -45

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