someone put my address on their driver’s license?

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My friend is moving out of the country, however, she needed to renew her drivers license.

she is one of those people that moves around a lot and doesn’t have a “stable” home… so she asked if she could put my address as her mailing address. so of course i said okay, it’s just mailing!


the actual license actually had my address on it, so that means, she put mailing and residing address as my home.

that was not okay with me. because she does not, obviously, live here.

what actual legal issues could she do/cause with that?

i had her go to DMV to change it, she said she did, but when i asked for the confirmation, she said she cannot find it…

i know she’s not “fishy”… but i’m just worried what could happen if my address remains on her drivers license?!

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and she also said the DMV said they are not sending a new license to her, so she is still using the license with my address on it.

am i just worrying for no big reason, or should i be?!

this is Los Angeles, California, btw, in case the laws differ from state to state.

thank you!!

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  • Not a legal problem for you. You may get mail for her, like court subpoenas or jury duty since states use the DMV address for such things, but that’s not your worry.

  • It is a violation to falsify or use an address other than your own on any legal documentation. It may not get you into trouble, however it may lead to trouble for your friend. For example, say your friend is driving and runs a red light. Since her license has your address on it, the ticket gets sent to you. If you do not send the ticket to your friend for payment, then it goes unpaid. Let’s say now that a year goes by without it being payed. If your friend gets pulled over again, the police would have the right to impound her vehicle. So with that said, you won’t get into trouble, but your friend could.

  • The address on your license doesnt really matter. Nothing to worry.

    All your going to get is mail that goes to her, like jurry duty and what not. Also if she gets pulled over, on the back of her license she can write where her new permanent address is. If not the cop is going to issue the ticket to the current address (I actually forgot to put my new address on the back of my license, and I got pulled over, they wrote me a ticket to the wrong address. It was all bad) but that WONT be on you, cause the ticket will be under her name in that case (If that does happen, it happened to me though! lol)

    But you have nothing to worry about it.

  • If you are on probation in NJ and you give the DMV a possibly false mailing address– what does that mean?

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