Sorry, we couldn’t post your question right now. Please try again later. Why do I get this message at random when asking a question here?

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10 Answers

  • That sometimes happens

  • Some issues that can cause questions not to post:

    *Submit button glitch. If you can’t submit your question try copying what you typed, refreshing the page, pasting your text back in the question/details box, and try to Submit again.

    *Question errors out when trying to Submit. Make sure there are no special characters (esp the percent sign), URLs, or image files that could be causing a problem. Spell out all special characters instead of using the symbol. Remove any URLs or images. If the question submits at that point, you can try adding your image or URL as an update, if needed.

    *Question exceeded the character limit and needs to be shortened.

    *User has reached their limit for posting questions for the YA day (so wait until after Midnight GMT, then the YA day rolls over, to post your question)

    *Question Submits but only you can see it. Change the category for the question, wait a few seconds, and then move it back where it belongs. Some posts get caught in the spam filter and that’s one way to ‘shake them loose’ so to speak.

  • Are you using any % Signs in your Question ? if so you have to Remove it and Spell it out

    Make sure you are not Exceeding the Character Limit also if your Question is to Long it wont Post

  • Disregard stupid remarks about rebooting and the problem is between 4 or 5 in the morning when they should be sleeping. The problem could be a number of things. For one the submit button, another is using the percentage symbol when the glitch requires use to spell out percent(age). You could also exceed your character limit of 140 characters for asking a question and 2,500 characters for details on a computer or 1,500 on a smartphone. You could also exceed to question limit for the Yahoo day. Without more information like the question itself, no one can give you the answer. Maybe cut back on your insulin injections and get a cheap laptop.

  • The computer network can handle only a certain amount of traffic before there is a noticeable time delay and you get that default message. I get that when I try to post comments between 4and 5 am CDT. I don’t know when my internet providers server computers reboot for the new “day” and I have only suspicions about when Verizon’s server computers reboot on the USA for the next “day. ”

    The Submit button glitch no longer holds water.

  • There is a glitch with the Submit button. Refresh the page and try again. You also will not be able to post if you have reached your daily limit or you try to put a percentage sign in your posts, and you will not be able to answer questions if an asker has you blocked.

  • Often, Yahoo is “fixing” its network or something on the site.

    Or, you may have asked your quota of questions for the day.

    Or, as I found a couple of days ago, you have malware protection — there are times when this won’t let you access some sites.

  • That is just a normal day on yahoo.

  • Just wait a short while and do it again. Could be a software glitch or could be the server is busy.

  • But for some reason I ‘could’ ask this question. Is there some word filter active or something that takes out bad words maybe? Or are questions too long?

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