sp3 hybridization: plz help?

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when a carbon atom has sp3 hybridization, it has…

a. 4 pi bonds

b. 4 sigma bonds

c. 3 pi bonds

d. 1 pi bond and 2 sigma bonds

e. 3 pi bonds and 2 sigma bonds

According to my key sheet the answer is B, but how do i figure it out?

thank u in advance =)

6 Answers

  • B is correct. Pi bonds are double bonds, so A, C, D and E are incorrect, as carbon cannot support them…four valence electrons, remember?

  • If you were to draw the lewis dot structure for a sp3 hybridized molecule (like CH4), you would see that there are only single bonds (which are sigma bonds).

  • sp3 hybridization is a kind of hybridization where one orbital from s-sublevel is hybrid with 3 orbitals from p-sublevel to form 4 hybrid orbitals more capable for binding and forming a strong bond.


    Carbon atom in the ground state:

    2p | |

    2s ||

    1s ||

    Carbon atom in the excited state:

    2p | | |

    2s |

    1s ||

    Carbon atom after sp3 hybridization:

    Sp3 | | | |

    1s ||

    Where the 4 es in hybrid orbitals combine with 4 es from 1s orbital in 4 hydrogen atoms to form methane.

    Where 4 sigma bonds are formed.

    Sigma bond only formed between hybrid orbitals or a hybrid orbital and a pure one.

    I wish that could help.

  • its the definition of sp3.

    example: CH4 has four sigma bonds b/c there are no double bonds (pi bonds) and it is sp3

    sp2 means it has one pi bond, like COH2 (draw the structure, the double bond is C=0)

    SP means it has two pi bonds (example CO2— O=C=O)

    hope that helpssss!

    Source(s): CHEM1331
  • sp3 hybridisation implies involvement of one s & 3 p orbitals.

    This results in 4 sigma bonds.

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