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how do say these things in spanish using the imperfect tense. Descibing the activity in each picture. Example: a picture of Juan washing dishes. Juan lavaba los platos.(Answer) 1. a picture of Ramon taking out the trash. 2. A picture of Reba making the bed. 3. A picture of my uncle Joe vacuuming. 4. A picture of Dennis dusting the furniture.

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  • 1. Ramón esta sacando la basura.

    2. Reba esta asiendo la cama.

    3. Mi tío Joe esta pasando la aspiradora.

    4. Dennies esta sacudiendo los muebles.

  • Don’t listen to everybody else’s answers. You want the imperfect tense. They don’t know what they are talking about, and are giving you present tense. Here are the answers.

    1. Ramon sacaba la basura.

    2. Reba hacia la cama.

    3. Mi tio, Jose, pasaba la aspiradora.

    4. Denis quitaba polvo de los muebles.

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  • 1.-Ramon sacaba la basura.

    2.-Reba tendia la cama.

    3.-Mi tio Pepe aspiraba.

    4.-Dennis sacudia el mueble.

    3.- Joseph – Jose

    — Joe – Pepe

  • Ramon sacaba la basura

    Reba tendia la cama

    el tio joe aspiraba

    Dennis llenaba de polvo los muebles

  • 1. Ramon is taking out the trash. – Answer: Ramon sacando la basura

    2. Reba is making the bed. – Answer: Reba haciando las camas

    3. Uncle Joe is vacuuming. – Answer: Mi tio pasando la aspiradora

    4. Dennis is dusting the furniture. – Answer: Dennis quitando el polvo. (Dennis is dusting.)

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