Specifically define a productive member of society as it pertains to western civilization.(In your own words.)

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And of course i’m just another guy who likes baseball.

LoveJones: Nice definition. I have one inquiry however. Why the shut up part?

Are you implying just go with the flow?

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  • A man or woman who gets married stays married and raises wonderful children. Someone who works and teaches and does good things because they want to. Who helps the elderly cross the street or carry their groceries. Who voices his/her opinion about the world and stands for what is right, whether it is popular or not. Who teaches younger children to be responsible and smart in their decisions. WHo has morals and responsibilities. Someone who understand that it is up to them to do what is right and what is necessary and not anyone elses responsibility (especially not the government).

  • Synonym Of Productive

  • In my own words a productive member of society is an individual who gives back something rather than only taking from society as a whole. It is someone who works, pays their bills, votes, pays their taxes and supports themselves and their family.


  • A productive member of society is first and foremost responsible for themselves. They take responsibility for their actions and their effect on others, they provide for their own needs and the needs of their offspring. They are respectful of the needs and rights of others and take into consideration the ramifications of their own actions on society as a whole. They provide some benefit to that society via civic participation, voting, tax paying, providing a needed service or goods, and do not expect to receive something for nothing. They value themselves and others and respect freedom of thought and discussion.

  • Work hard. Obey the laws. Pay your taxes. Donate time and/or money to charity and shut up.

  • If you love you are productive. If you hate you are destructive. Easy, really!

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