Staples advantage is what type of b2b organization?

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Staples: The Big Box Retailer Thats Really a B2B Powerhouse Most of us think of Staples as a retail chain selling office supplies to consumers; however, as the case explains, the company also caters to business customers. This activity is important because so much of the marketing activity in the business world takes place in a B2B context. The goal of this exercise is to apply B2B marketing concepts to the business-to-business (B2B) operation at Staples Read the case about Staples Advantage Division, which appeals to small businesses, and answer the questions that follow. You have probably visited a Staples store or its website at least once, needing to stock up on back-to-school supplies, grab a roll of packing tape, or take a look at the newest printers available in the market. Clearly, selling to individual consumers is important to Staples. But some of its greatest growth, and some of its most important marketing efforts, relate to its Staples Advantage division, which provides business customers with services and support. This support may be most valuable for small businesses, which often lack the resources to manage all their various functions on their own. Most straightforwardly, Staples Advantage provides companies with the behind-the-scenes supplies that are necessary to keep the doors open: coffee machines, sugar, and creamer to stock employee break rooms; janitorial supplies and floor mats that keep the place looking clean; paper towels and soap dispensers in restrooms; and office equipment to ensure that workers can keep their files organized and their workspaces productive. To facilitate these offerings, Staples has begun equipping all its B2B sales associates in the field with iPads that are loaded with a virtual assistant. Thus, rather than relying on their recall or a bulky product catalog, they can depend on the virtual tool to determine which type of furniture polish will save their business clients the most money while still enabling them to keep all their surfaces free of dirt. To appeal even more to these small business owners and provide them with not just office supplies but also ideas on how to run their offices, Staples has introduced the Quick Wins app. The app tracks the smal businesses performances on a range of measures, including social media engagement, website traffic, and fin demand. Throughi customers expressed their need for help with these measures of performance, but they also did not know which metrics were most important or how to measure them accurately. Worried about their ability to keep up with the information, respondents to Stapless surveys also noted that they would prefer for all the information to be available in one easy-to-read dashboard. In helping business customers track key data regularly, Staples promises to develop customized, specifi expand their firms and increase business. Furthermore, through the Quick Wins app, users can interact with other small business owners, seeking answers and support from their peers me all in one place. In this case, the innovative offering is a clear response to c mer search, Staples determined that approximately 41 percent of its small business uggestions for how the business customers can Once they determine their performance, small business owners likely identify sources of improvement.

1)If a small medical practice develops a list of specific
technology required to automate its patient records, this is an
example of the ________ stage of the B2B buying process.​

proposal analysis

need recognition

RFP process

product specification

order specification

2)Staples Advantage is what type of B2B organization?






3)Staples provides its business customers with a website to use
for easy reordering of frequently used supplies, which represent
_________ buying situations.

straight rebuy

modified rebuy

new buy

partial rebuy

limited buy

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1. Product specification It is because the medical practice management strives to be patient focused in being specific about

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