Stardate Calculator

What is a Stardate Calculator?

A Stardate Calculator is a tool used to convert Earth dates into the fictional time system popularized by the Star Trek franchise. In the Star Trek universe, stardates are used to track time in a way that is universal across different planets and species.

How does a Stardate Calculator work?

A Stardate Calculator works by taking a standard Earth date and converting it into a stardate using a specific formula. The formula takes into account the current date, time, and location in the galaxy to generate a stardate that corresponds to that moment in time in the Star Trek universe.

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Why use a Stardate Calculator?

Stardate Calculator

Using a Stardate Calculator can be fun for fans of the Star Trek series who want to feel like they are a part of the futuristic world depicted in the show. It can also be a handy tool for writers or creators who want to incorporate stardates into their own works of fiction.

How to use a Stardate Calculator

Using a Stardate Calculator is simple. Just input the Earth date and time you want to convert, and the calculator will generate the corresponding stardate for you. You can then use this stardate in your own creative projects or just for fun.

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Benefits of using a Stardate Calculator

There are several benefits to using a Stardate Calculator. For fans of the Star Trek series, it can add an extra level of immersion and authenticity to their experience. For writers and creators, it can be a useful tool for world-building and creating a sense of consistency in their work.


Overall, a Stardate Calculator is a fun and handy tool for fans of the Star Trek series and creative individuals alike. Whether you want to feel like you’re part of the Star Trek universe or just add a unique touch to your own works of fiction, a Stardate Calculator can be a great addition to your toolkit.