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All but one of the following statements contains a blunder. Which statement is correct?

A. We found a correlation of r=-.63 between gender and political party preference.

B. There is a correlation of 0.54 between the position a football player plays and their weight.

C. The correlation between the gas mileage of a car and its weight is r=0.71 miles per gallon.

D. The correlation between planting rate and yield was found to be r=1.23.

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E. We found a high correlation (r= 0.91) between the age and height of children.

1 Answer

  • E is best. What’s wrong with D is that r can’t be more than 1. What’s wrong with A and B is that you can’t calculate a “correlation” when one or both variables are binomial or not linear. What’s wrong with C is that the correlation is not measured in miles per gallon.

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