stepped on a thumb tack…what to do?

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this is probably a really stupid question but im not really sure. i just stepped on a few thumb tacks and each one is leaving a little puncture wound where i stepped on it. they are bleeding slightly but there is mostly just a circle puncture wound by it. is there anything im supposed to do for this?

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  • The “rust” doesn’t cause tetɑɲυꜱ, it’s the toxin which is often found in soil.

    With a puncture wound, you must have an up to date Tetɑɲυꜱ shot, even now if it’s been 7 yrs. I would go and get one.

    Clean it out well. Any signs of pain, redness, swelling or discharge indicate infection and then you must see a doc immediately.

  • Hopefully you will clot soon and the blood will stop flowing from the wound. If the tack was rusted I would advise a tetɑɲυꜱ shot if you haven’t had one to prevent infection. But other than that you should be fine.

  • I stepped on a nail recently and it punctured the heel of my foot. I did go to the doctor because I was concerned about infection. The doctor told me that as long as the nail was not rusted I would be ok and I wouldn’t need a tetɑɲυꜱ shot. Keep the area clean and bandaged until it heals. If it is painful and the surrounding area turns red, please see your doctor.

  • Of course wash it good w/soap & clean the whole area. I would put Neosporin or an anti biotic ointment on it w/bandaides. Keep them on over nite & during the next day. Then I would keep the ointment on during the day, but at nite take it off so it w/start to dry out & heal. If they show any signs of infection, I would ck. w/a Dr. & get some kind of anti biotic or see if you might need a tetnus shot. I don’t think you’ll have any problems unless they were rusty & could cause an infection. But you do want them to start healing & drying out, so don’t keep them covered at nite after max of two nites. Do keep them from getting dirt etc.during the day, so make sure you have them covered w/the ointment until they’ve completely healed. I’m sure you’ll be OK tho.

  • What if i stepped on the thumbtack but it was not rusted, the wound didn’t bleed, and the thumbtack did not go deeply in my foot. Would i need a shot for that?

  • Make sure the area is washed clean, put a little triple antibiotic on it and a bandaid. If it’s not bleeding, then just make sure it’s clean. You should be fine, maybe a little bit sore.

  • Clean with a disinfectant (IE alcohol), and bandage. If you are not current on your tetɑɲυꜱ shot (within the last 7 years) you should go get a booster.

  • That’s an interesting question I hope you’ll find some reasonable answers

  • Keep the area clean and dry, if your tetɑɲυꜱ shot is not up-to date get one asap.

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