strawberry flower shaped cookies?

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I’m looking for these cookies from back in the day. They was sold at penny candy stores. they look like the butter cookies but they was pink flower cookies. what’s the name of these cookies.

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  • Those are pressed cookies . It is a cylindrical device with a pattern template in it for making that shape of cookie . Red die is added to the cookie dough or other colors depending on what you wished the desired result to be .

    Penny candy stores ! You must be close to my age . I loved those places .

  • I am 28 years and a few months ago I was cracving these cookies also, my brother who is 8 years oldee than me used to walk me tonthe candy lady’s house about once a week to get them, 20-50cent took me long way with those cookies. I hadnt had them since I was probbably about 10. My aunt who is very good at researching things looked it up for me when my cravings came a few months ago, after a day or so she texted me saying that the company that made those cookies stopped. She told me why but I dont remember off hand, she gave me the location and everything where they were made. It broke my heart to hear that, I’m still holding on to a little hope that there is some way you can special order them online. You had butter, strawberry, and butter chocholate chips flavors. I only bought the strawberry.

  • Those cookies were not homemade… They were store bought I m trying to find them as well…

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