Substitute for a 5/16 drill bit?

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I am installing a towel bar in the bathroom and the instructions call for a 5/16 drill bit. I don’t have that size. What would be the next closest size that I might use to drill holes to secure the plastic anchors? Thanks…

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  • Try a 1/4″ bit & once through you can use the spinning bit to open it up to 5/16″.

  • 5 8 Drill Bit Equivalent

  • Substitute for a 5/32 drill bit

  • I would go with a 1/4. It’s the next size smaller. Once you drill the hole too big, you have to refill it to make is smaller. It will take a tiny bit of extra effort get the plastic anchor into the hole, but it will be secure.

  • you do no longer supply adequate training. What form of plug is it? Is it a potential plug, video, telephone . . .what? additionally, how does it mount? Does it comprise a mounting flange, threaded bushing, or spring-locks? What fabric is your wall? Is it drywall or another fabric? look on the section that mounts into the wall, understand ways that is fixed and choose the dimensions drill you elect.

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