Subway gives me bad diarrhea?

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EVERY SINGLE time I eat subway it never fails to give me the poops. I thought I might be allergic to something in it, but I’ve tried different breads, cheeses, toppings and it’s always the same outcome. I’m not allergic to bread or lactose because I can eat any of that outside of subway. What may cause this!? It’s very annoying!

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  • Subway sells the lowest quality meats and cheeses they can find. In fact many of the meats they sell aren’t even real. For instance the salami and pepperoni aren’t real. They are processed turkey meat with fillers and chemicals added to make it look and taste similar to salami and pepperoni.

    Eating low quality food products produce the kind of results you are talking about.

  • Some people simply can’t handle food from certain places. My family is in the business with 2 Subway locations & an award winning pizza place. We have NEVER had anything but ‘ A ‘ restaurant rating. We clean from top to bottom constantly & use special cleaning services that steam clean grease filters and flu’s.

    But even with that, occasionally someone will claim that they got sick from the food. Of course we all know that NOBODY would EVER lie about this { thinking they might get free food by complaining } but we take it to heart and make sure we always follow our own rules. Of course having all areas in the restaurants on video helps as well.

    But here’s my take on it. When I have problems with a restaurant, I simply go elsewhere. I realize it’s not always their fault.

    Here’s one question that will help. When you go with friends or family, do they also get diarrhea ? If not,….it’s you.

  • Hapƿє-ṅєd to me last night. I ate Subway for dinner last night and I have been on the crapper every 2 hours. And still there right now. It has to be poor quality meat. Been to different Subway’s in different states and the same thing happens

  • The same thing happens to me every time I eat there. Never fails, after about 20 minutes of eating anything at subway I get the worst liquid [email protected] ᴘιssing from my ****. This happens from every location Ive been at. Had a close call running back to work just made it to the toilet at the last second! Something is deff wrong. Never had that problem at different restaurant names. Sucks, cuz the food is really good there, I like it. Not worth crapping myself though.

  • Same crap happens to me. Anywhere from half an hour to 3 hours later I’m blowing mud. All locations, any type of sandwich, I only really ever get turkey or tuna. It’s gotta be poor quality ingredients or something in the bread or mayo I suppose. I still haven’t tried any without Mayo…maybe next time…if I my bowels feel up to the challenge 🙁

  • You should report this to the manager, there could be some improper food handling.

    Is it at the same restaurant or different restaurants.

    If it’s different restaurants than it could be that you are allergic to something or the subway supplier is mishandling their food.

    If it’s just at one restaurant then it most likely is improper food handling, which needs to be addressed.

  • Every time I flippin eat @ Subway, the same thing happens to me. I’m not eating there anymore, sick of having the runs! ꜱᴜcκs

  • Made a yahoo account just so I could reply to this. Even though we know what is happening to them. glad I’m not crazy for noticing this though! I felt like I was going to **** myself 10 min after leaving. The food was delicious though!

  • To be honest it’s subway itself it does that to my dads girlfriend and sister try jimmy johns or quiznos instead

  • I work at gas attached to a subway and I have measured this phenomenon. I’ve discovered the following diarrhea risk assessment for INDIVIDUAL ITEMS! NOT SANDWICHES

    Tuna (with mayo) 95%

    Mayonnaise 50%

    Carved Turkey 10%

    Pepperoni/salami 0%

    Lettuce 80%

    Tomato 95%

    Cucumber 5%

    Black olives <5%

    Red onion <5%

    Bell peppers <5%

    Spinach 40%

    Jalapeño/banana peppers/pickles 0%

    Subway olive oil 80%

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