Tape on door to see if someone has entered?

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I live in a cluster-style dorm and both me and my friend have experienced things being moved around in our room; we even came back one night to see people coming out of our suite saying they were drunk and “went in the wrong room”. Our RA is doing nothing about it so I’m taking it upon myself. My mother told me about a trick where you can put tape on a door to see if someone has come in while you’re gone, but how do you do it? Thanks!

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  • The tape will do nothing other than let you know what you already know……..someone is entering your room when you are not there.

    A piece of tape that crosses from the door to the molding will become torn or one side of the tape will become loose when the door is oƿє-ṅєd. You can test this yourself by putting about a 3″to 4″ piece of clear tape across the door/molding and open the door yourself. This will show you what to expect when you do it again before actually leaving your door room with the door closed and taped.

    But, the bigger question is…who is entering your room when you are not there? And, what are they doing in there other than moving your belongings around?

    If the floor is not carpeted, you could sprinkle baby powder on the floor as you back your way out of the room. This baby powder will show the foot imprints of anyone who enters and walks in.

    My brother used to put some oil based paint on his door knob so if anyone touched the door knob to get inside, they would have oil based paint on their hand and he would know who tried to enter. Oil based paint does not dry quickly and you need turpentine to remove the paint from your hand. So, it is a good tell tail sign of who tried to enter your room.

  • Have you considered putting a lock on the door?

    You don’t need tape. Wet a single hair with saliva and stick half of it to the door and half of it to the frame. Nobody will see it.

    We don’t know what a cluster-style is…..

  • Just stick the tape across the gap between the wall and your door, where it opens. If anyone went it while u were gone u’d know ’cause the tape would be torn in half 😀

  • You could sprinkle flour by the door on the inside. but you could use the toothpick trick. check link below:


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