teenage pregnancy?

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Can someone please inform me with the big issue of TEEN PREGNANCY. Why does age play such a big role? I am 18 and 11 weeks pregnant. But I graduated high school. I kept honor roll all 4 years. I’ve been with my fiance for 5 years. I’ve watched babies and toddlers ever since I was 12. I love every minute of taking care of children, and I cant even imagine how strong I will feel for my own unborn child.

I understand that most teenages dont have the mentality to raise a child, but do you think people could ever hold off judgement until they knew somebody? I am young, but I will raise my baby just as well, if not better, than any 30 year old.

I grew up without a dad, with a mother that showed no affection and said I was just a mistake. But she was 24 when she had me. Is there anybody that doesnt look down upon a young a mother?

I do agree about the tax paying situation. I get at least $100 takin out in taxes each check, because I get paid every 2 weeks. It’s ridiculous. But I am not going to get on welfare, I am sure I can get my babies needs on my own with help from my fiance.

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  • I dont look down on any mother. Being a mother is a very difficult task. It takes a lot of diligence and hard work to be a mom. You should never second guess yourself. Always believe that you can do anything.

    Also, I had a friend who had a baby when she was 15. She is one of the best mothers that I have ever known. She loves her children….graduated high school…..and even attended college.

    Hold your head high and dont let anyone look down on you. Also, prove the ones wrong that choose to judge you just because you are young!

  • i got pregnant with my first when i was 18. i just turned 19 1 month before my baby girl was born. i totally agree with the fact that age is not as big of a deal as people make it. it has nothing to do with age some people should never have kids at any age while others are just born to be parents. im not saying that im parent of the year but for the 3 weeks (i know thats not a long time) i have had my beautiful baby girl i have been taking good care of her. her father is in her life and sees her almost everyday but i dont life with him so i take the majority of the responsibility. i never liked kids. i love being a mom and cant imagine my life without her. im in college and still living in my moms house until im done with school. i know that might not be the most idea situation but with the exception of rent and utilities i pay for the things me and my baby need. i dont care what people say about my age because im a good mom. dont let peoples comments upset you. im sure you will be an amazing mother. if you ever want to talk you can email me anytime. Congradulations and good luck!!

    Source(s): single mom 19
  • My mom got pregnant with me at 17. She made it through college (and so did I later). But my mom never let me forget all the things she had missed out on because of me. And you think people are harsh now — you should have seen how they acted back then.

    People really do worry when they see young mothers – for the reason you give — not having a parent’s mentality yet. When I was 17 I couldn’t have imagined raising a child. So it’s really hard not to worry when 16 and 17 year olds say they’re pregnant. We tend to think of our own experiences and memories and think that other people will be the same. It’s really just human nature — what can you do.

  • You seem mature enough, waiting and have something to tell your child. You were on honor role and stuff like that, along with being in a relationship for so long and feel capable of having a baby. I think you’ll be a great young mother. It all depends on the couple having the baby and how prepared they are, age doesnt matter if the couple is 16 and ready to suuport and know everything that is required to take care of a baby. Congrats!

  • i really wish they did… i’m 19 and due tomorrow. I totally know what your going through- it hasn’t been easy.

    I get tons of rude comments and stares. there are plenty of people that don’t look down upon it, they’re just rare.

    Just concentrate on your baby and your pregnancy. You’re gonna be a mommy, and they can’t say anything or do anything to interfere with the love for your baby. some people are just ignorant.

    I wish people could not be judgemental, but thats how the world is and it can be a B****!!

    what you and many many women like us are expiriencing something beautiful, and amazing. were very lucky for such a miracle! enjoy it! (and i’m sure you are) this is a great time for you and your fiance- congrats!!

    i’m so excited for you! good luck with everything and F THE HATERS! lol!!

  • While I don’t support teens trying to get pregnant before they graduate high school, and have a good job, I know that it happens and I support any girl who takes on the responsibility to raise a child. I think the big deal is that most “teen moms” are not out of high school, they have no jobs (or at least not a job that can support an infant), do not have their own homes or sometimes their own transportation. Society today is not really condusive for teen moms.

    Like I said, if you graduate high school, have a GOOD paying job, and that sort of thing, then go for it. If not, it is in the child’s best interest for the parents to wait.

  • I fully agree and am discusted by people that talk down on young moms. None of them take the time to know that your a good mom and a good person, and have done everything in your power to do well. I got with my now husband at 15,pregnant at 17,got married and had my first at 18, bought my house on an acre of land at 19,lost a baby,disowned my worthless parents,and got pregnant with my son at 20, had him at 21,and am now pregnant with what looks like twins which whether it is or not will complete my family. We have no help and do everything on our own. We stay at home 24/7 unless we go to the store.

    I dont think anyone gives any thought to how hard you try to be a good person and do a good job at having a functional family. And it isn’t fair.

    Source(s): 21 yr old wife and mom of 2,pregnant with what looks like twins.Who wakes up everyday doing better than a lot of people,and still have to deal with the stigma.
  • There is a world of difference between an 18 year-old high school graduate having a baby and a 15 year-old high school freshman having a baby. When most people say “teen pregnancy,” they are referring more to people who are still in high school when they give birth.

    Yes, you are young, but you can at least get a full time job with health benefits, an apartment or house of your own, a car, marry legally, etc. You are no longer a minor.

  • I was 19 when my first was born. I got pregnant the summer after I graduated high school. It was a planned pregnancy but everyone assumed it was an accident. It’s just because even though you think you are mature enough, there is always a lot more to learn. I have learned a lot in my 26 years on this planet and one thing is for sure…..you can never know enough. I’m glad you are focused on your child. As long as you are dedicated to doing the right thing everything should be just fine. Congratulations!

  • Yes. In fact there are many programs including “Earn While You Learn” for teen moms and dads from pregnancy though the baby’s first year. They provide classes and a mentor during that time. The couple earns freebies including baby clothes, toys, and furniture.

    Of course teen pregnancy is a big issue in that it keeps some moms from going on to persue their dreams. It also costs the taxpayers billions of dollars a year to support the moms and babies and to pay the hospital bill for them. As far as “looking down upon a young mother”, I’ve not seen it.

    Birth blessings to you.

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