tell me 10 ways to you use a pencil other than writing?

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  • 1) poke someone 2) trow it to someone 3) erasing something 4)use it as a fire wood stick 5)use it as a weapon 6) to open things that are covered in plastic 7) to break it with your hand if your practising karate 8) break it for fun 9) put a ruler on it ans spin the ruler so it can look like a helicopter (you wont be bored) 10) to take off the dirt inside your nails with the lead.

  • 10 Ways To Use A Pencil

  • 1. The eraser can be pulled off as an improvised earring back.

    2. Put 2 pencils on a counter top, put a potato between them (just resting on the pencils), and slice the potato. This way the cuts won’t go all the way through and onion wedges can be inserted and cooked with the potato.

    3. The eraser can be used to clean the gunk out of the bottom of the computer mouse. (The kind of mouse that has the ball. The gunk that builds up on the wheels inside is a pain.)

    4. Tie a string to a pencil. Fill a cup with saltwater. Put the pencil on top of the cup and let the string dangle in the waster. Make your own salt crystals as the water evaporates.

    5. Great for scratching in your ear. (not sanitary or safe, but it works)

    6. Great for scratching your back. Over the shoulder to get to the hard to reach places. Wont leave hard to remove ink stains.

    7. Kills boredom. Keep flinging the pencil up to the ceiling until you get it stuck there.

    8. Works as an improvised finger splint.

    9. Can be used to press buttons that are too small for fingers.

    10. Homicide is always an option.

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    1) Drawing. You didn’t say what kind of writing. 2) Pointing 3) Erase a mistake 4) fool around with it 5) Measure something if you don’t have a ruler 6) Use it as part of a creation 7) Make a pencil holder by taping a bunch of them together 8) Use them as garden stakes 9) Mixing things together if you don’t have a spoon 10) To hold a bunch of hole punched paper together

  • 1) poke someone

    2) use it as a fire wood stick

    3) Works as an improvised finger splint

    4) Touching it on someone s body to call

    5) drawing

    6) Scratching body

    7) throw at people

    8) Pressing door bell when it is throwing out current in its plastic body

    9) Pointing at something

    10) Pencil Fight

  • 1) Rubbing ear

    2) Touching it on someone’s body to call

    3) Wireless Router reset can be done with pointed tip

    4) Throwing on someone

    5) As a weapon

    6) Playing with hairs

    7) For cleaning the narrow parts

    8) Pressing door bell when it is throwing out current in its plastic body

    9) Scratching body

    10) Making holes in a paper…….. 😛

  • 1. drawing

    2. paper weight

    3. darts

    4. playing “Spin the Pencil”

    5. juggling

    6. drumming on your desk

    7. fencing with your friend

    8. doing that “Rubber Pencil” trick, where you hold it by the tip and wiggle it up and down…

    9. balancing it on its end

    10. erasing things you have written

  • Scratch your head with it.

    Clean electrical contacts with the eraser.

    Use the pencil lead (graphite) as a lock lubricant.

    A Weapon when in danger.

    Decorations for a desk.

    (sorry only 5)

  • 1 stick it in your ears

    2 sharpen it

    3 break it in half

    4 bite on it

    5 throw it across the room

    6 stick it to the ceiling

    7 twirl it around your fingers

    8 rub the erasor completaly off

    9 put it behind your ear

    10 lend it to someone

  • 1)Place it on a table with one end over the edge, hit that edge with the side of your hand, watch it sail into the next cubicle and listen for your colleagues reaction

    2)carve out a leaning tower of pizza and stick it straight in the ground

    3)stick it in the big hole of a three pin socket when you only have a two pin plug

    4)balancing it on the tip of your finger while standing up and end up running round in circles

    5)hold it in your hand and try and bend it with your mind….”till you realize the truth……there is no pencil!”

    6)go to a park…stick it in the ground and wait and see if someone will trip over it

    7)take a a4 size paper and start punching holes in it and see how many you can make

    8)if you have two of them….rub them together and try to sing a song to the beats (please note…use the ones with the flat surfaces)

    9)hell…if you have two of them,…give one to your best friend and act out the whole luke skywalker vs darth wader scene

    10)hold it up high and appreciate one of mans greatest inventions!

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