Tell me the correct Quynh pronunciation?

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How to you pronounce the Vietnamese name Quynh ?

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  • Just think “Quinn” or Quincy.

    Its a relatively easy name, especially compared with Nghien…

  • some places will pronounce a “hard “q” as QUIN other places will “soften the sound as “wynn” or “wun”… all depends on part of the country who’s talking,,, anyway i think it should be spellwd “quyen” or “quyhn” ..i could be wrong on the spelling but not the pronunciation …

  • Yes. It’s similar to


    But the k is more soft sounding, almost as if its mixed with a G.

  • There’s many ways to explain it, but I think that the best way to pronounce it is “Gweunh”

    And if you say it fast, it might even sound like “Gwen”.

    Once you’ve learned it, it isn’t that hard.

    Source(s): I’m vietnamese, and I have two cousins named Quynh 😉
  • kuh win!

    (say it fast tho)

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