Terraria weird text when creating a map?

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I haven’t played terraria for a while so i log into steam and load terraria. i wanted to start fresh so i deleted all my characters and worlds until nothing was saved. i created a big world and a new character and on the screen, while playing is text that wont go away saying “RX Msgs: 00 RX Bytes: 00 TX Msgs: 00 TX Bytes 00” and all across the screen says “0: rx:00 1: rx:00 2: rx:00 3: rx:00 4: rx:00……” and it follows this pattern until what i can see “31: rx:00” and it fills the entire screen, making the game annoying to play. i can see my character fine though and i can move and attack. ive tried creating new worlds but the same thing happens. How can i fix this? i really want to play the game

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  • It is probably from pressing f8. When that comes up again, just pres f8.

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