Thanks for humering me. What does that mean? What does humering mean? ?

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  • Humouring – it generally means appealing to good nature & understanding. So it could mean ” thank you for making me feel understanding & considerate & informed & thoughtful & magnanimous & happy & …”.

    Or perhaps in summary it would mean “thanks for putting me in a good mood”.

    While “humering” probably means running something over with a humvee – but I think “humouring” is the intended word.

  • It’s humoring, not humering, and it means that you go along with what someone is doing or saying. For example, if you suggest going out and plan to take someone to a movie, but they want to go dancing instead and so you go dancing, you are humoring them.

  • Humoring Me

  • Humouring

  • it means to, like, entertain you, humor you, or maybe make you laugh. Next time save 5 points and use a dictionary.

    Source(s): i am smartical 😉
  • *humoring

    Making someone laugh/happy…

  • “Thanks for humoring me.”


    tr.v. hu·mored, hu·mor·ing, hu·mors

    1. To comply with the wishes or ideas of; indulge.

    2. To adapt or accommodate oneself to.


    Thank you for complying with my wishes or ideas.

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