the beggining of “pretty fly for a white guy”?

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Untem, gliben, glaussen, glauben.

what does it mean? and what language is it?


3 Answers

  • It’s a sample of the quasi-German nonsense phrase “Gunter glieben glauchen globen” from Def Leppard’s song “Rock of Ages”

    According to the official Def Leppard FAQ,

    These four words that you hear at the start of “Rock of Ages”, mean nothing in particular though, the band sometimes jokingly claims it means “running through the forest silently”. It’s gibberish, said by producer Mutt Lange during the recordings of the song, instead of the regular one, two, three, four.

  • Pretty Fly Lyrics

  • Well the dude right. I rally couldn’t remember where I had heard it before.


    Source(s): The original recordings of both Rock of Ages and Pretty Fly for a White Guy.

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