The best way to avoid rolling resistance is to maintain correct:?

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Wheel alignment

Tire pressure

Fluid levels

Brake pad thickness

3 Answers

  • Tire pressure!

  • you can’t avoid it 100% so it’s a bit of daft question as stated. If read as “reduce” rather than “avoid” then….

    If the brakes are in decent working order, then brake fluid level makes not one jot of difference, nor does brake pad thickness. Suppose you could treat breaking as rolling resistance,but so long as the breaks aren’t binding, it’s only there(to any sizeable amount) when the brakes are being applied.

    Suppose a low oil level in the engine/gear box could increase the rolling resistance of the bearings/shafts. Can’t see any of the other fluids having much effect.

    There’s several different types of wheel alignment. Toe is the only one which can/does effect the ability of a PAIR of wheels to rotate, which manifests as wheel scrubing. While it does take energy, don’t think it actually counted as rolling resistance. Unless the wheels are really out of alignment (you’d be able to clearly see the alignment was wrong,) it’s rairly the biggest loss

    tyre pressure is STRONGLY correlated to rolling resistance, increasing it decreases the resistance, even the pressure is ABOVE the recomended level. Problem is, pressurise a tyre beyond what it is designed for and you reduce the ability of the tyre to generate thrust (important for cornering,braking and acceleration), as well as increasing the risk of the tyre’s bead becoming unseated, and/or a blow out.

    So probably looking for tyre pressure

  • Spot on !

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