The correct pronunciation of “Orange”?

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My mother is from Brooklyn, NY, and I’m from Florida. We recently got into a stupid discussion about the correct way to pronounce the word “orange”.

Being from New York, she pronounces it “ARE-ange” and says that is the correct way.

I pronounce it “OR-ange”. Online I’ve found both pronunciations. Which one is the “correct” way to say it?

-IMP 😉 🙂

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  • “RNJ”

  • Both pronunciations are correct since the English language has never been standardized the way French has. I have relatives from Washington D.C. who pronounce the word as Are-ange too. It’s an East Coast thing. They even pronounce the Spanish name “Zorro” as “Zarr-o” in that part of the country.

    Americans usually don’t pronounce the ‘a’ in the middle of “orange” where as I’ve noticed that the British do. So you have General American “ornj” versus British English “or-unj.”

  • In America I’ve noticed lots of people say OR-ange, but in Australia we say O-rang.

  • ARE-ange



    Sound very American.

    I think things should be pronounced as close as possible to the way it’s spelled. So: OR-ange

  • As long as she isn’t saying “Orangutan” she’s fine.

    I mean, technically we Americans mispronounce everything. And even British people who speak Cockney technically don’t pronounce things correctly either.

    However I pronounce it “Ore-unj”

  • Both of those are wrong. It’s /ɒ/-range. /ɒ/ is IPA for a sound Americans don’t know how to pronounce.

  • Hope this helps!

  • I say “OR-ange”

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