the death penalty is state-sanctioned murder.?

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what does this mean when someone says that the death penalty is state-sanctioned murder.

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  • The death penalty is imposed by ‘the state’ and it intentionally takes a human life which is the fundamental description of homicide. Thus, it is rightful to say that imposition of the death penalty is state sanctioned homicide. As a matter of fact, most death certificates for executed inmates check the cause of death as homicide since none of the other causes (natural, accidental, etc.) fit.

    NOTE: it is not technically accurate to call it “murder” as murder usually requires a maliced intent which is not present in executions (well, not technically!)

  • Sanctioned Meaning

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    the death penalty is state-sanctioned murder.?

    what does this mean when someone says that the death penalty is state-sanctioned murder.

  • Sanctioned Definition

  • Because the condemned is not dying a natural death nor through the result of an accident. Someone is putting him or her to death on purpose, therefore, murdering them, and the state, in imposing and carrying out the sentence, has sanctioned that murder.

  • It means that taking a human life is murder and executing criminals is murder that is approved (sanctioned) by the state. Although I agree with the death penalty.


    a great question, and how many people have forgotten the 47 men on death row in the 90s and a reporter started checking and got the F,B,I, involved and proved 35 of these men were not guilty , the prosecutor knew this and had cops and witnesses to lie and lied him self , his punishment was he is now States Attorney general,tough punishment, anyone who supports capital punishment is a evil person and has no regard for any ones life except his own,

  • Its a false statement. Murder is a legal definition and a state sanctioned execution does not fall under the definition of murder.

  • The death penalty and torture were also sanctioned by the Catholic Church. Let’s not forget the Spanish Inquisition, the church torture of witches, burning them at the stake, drowning them, boiling heretics in oil, the rack–all sanctioned by the Vatican State.

  • legal murder

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