The Doors VS. The Who … me and my friend … Help me please ..?

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The Doors and The Who are in my opinion a must be on any Rocker’s list of favorite bands and I’m no difference from anyone else . Me and my friend have been debating over this question .

(If someone held a gun to your forehead and said choose “who is a better band” The Doors or The Who regardless of genre’s difference ??)

NOW !!! put in consideration that your answer is based on a mixture of personal taste and reality including the band’s charisma , influence , attitude and creativity …

I say : The Doors

My friend say : The Who

What do you say and why ?

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  • The Doors!!! I am a huge fan. I never really got into The Who. I just prefer The Doors over The Who. Jim Morrison was amazing to me, I think he was ahead of his time like so many other artists from that time period. The Door’s music just moves me in a way that I find hard to describe.

  • Yes, the Doors was my favorite group of that era. Jim Morrison had a style like no other, and omg, the song “Riders on the Storm” was soooo dreamy and timeless. I liked The Who also, not as much, and I really have to say that The Who was/is more influential. Afterall, think about the album “Tommy” and the song, “My Generation.” The Who is still touring (albeit old men now – lol). The younger generation now seems more interested in songs of The Who then The Doors so I have to go with The Who. This reminds me of a similar question a while back comparing the groups, Rush and Yes.

  • The Doors. Not by a whole long mile though. The Who is a great band and so were The Doors. I prefer The Doors because their music speaks to me in a more inspirational way. Though The Who is much more fun to play(as a bass player) I prefer The Doors.

  • I say the Who.

    The Who’s influence, Charisma (come on! …. think of Townshend), Attitude, and Creativity surpass that of the Doors.

    Think about when bands talk about their influences…. do you ever hear them mention the Doors? I don’t.

    The Doors are good and Jim Morrison’s story is intriguing but they were a short lived band where as the Who have had longevity.

    Sorry man, I think your friend is right.

  • Tough–but good call!! My choice? The Who.

    Being a 70’s rocker–I relate much better with The Who than I do with the Doors–but by NO means is there, in my view, anything personal against Jim Morrison.

    The Who’s music clearly resonated / reflected teen spirit and angst, capturing that energy and unbashedly not afraid to let it fly wild.

    The Doors, took a deep journey into the clouded haze of late 60’s psychedelia and lost focus on teen life—but gained popularity by their protrayal of the essence of teen rebellion of that time.

    This is the End….the End, my friend.

  • The Doors… Although this situation probably wouldnt happen, and if it did the person holding a gun to your head wouldnt have any way to tell if that choice is true. Therefore you could easily just say the Doors and then live the rest of your life questioning which band is better.

  • Friends vs Best Friends?

  • Seriously? You debate the greatness of the Who against the Beatles. You debate the greatness of the Who against the Stones. I’ve never read such nonsense. You can say “I prefer the Doors to the Who” which is fine, everyone is entitled to their opionion. As far as which band was better? Don’t ever go there. It’s no contest.

  • The Doors

    I love sooo many of their songs. I get a thrill each time I hear the intro of “Break on Through”. Jim Morrison just had this voice that could express so much human emotion-lust, angst, hatred, sadness, etc. He also had this awesome stage presence.

    I like a couple of songs by The Who, but really just don’t care for them all that much.

  • I like The Doors more than The Who

    The Doors music was pure genius, you will never hear anything like it again, i think they have a better stage presence than The Who

    I love The Who’s music and Keith Moon is the greatest drummer ever but i really don’t like Pete Townshend, he is sort of annoying and but he is a good guitarist, Pete Townshend is the reason i like The Doors more

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