The federal reserve system performs the following functions except

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61) The Federal Reserve System performs the following functions, except A) Lending money to banks and thrifts B) Providing financial services to the Federal government C) Issuing the paper currency in the economy D) Providing banking services to the general public 62) How many members can serve on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System? A) 12 B)9 C) 14 D) 7 63) The interest rate that banks charge one another for the loan of excess reserves is the A) Discount rate B) Interest on reserves C) Prime interest rate D) Federal funds rate 64) To keep high inflation from eroding the value of money, monetary authorities in the United States A) Establish insurance on checkable deposit accounts B) Control the supply of money in the economy C) Create token money that is less than its intrinsic value D) Make paper money legal tender for the payment of debt 65) Which of the following institutions does not provide checkable-deposit services to the general public? A) Credit unions B) Commercial banks C) U.S. Treasury D) Savings and loan associations

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61) Option(D)

Fed doesn’t provide banking services to general public.

62) Option(D)

Seven member serve on the board og governors.

63) Option(D)

Federal funds rate

64) Option(B)

Control the money supply in the economy.

65) Option(C)

US treasury

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