The figure shows the angular-velocity-versus-time graph for a particle moving in a circle.?

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How many revolutions does the object make during the first 2.9s ?…

I’m so confused! Please help!

2 Answers

  • For the first two seconds the angular velocity ω is 20 rad/s so it turns through 20 x 2 = 40 radians.

    Thereafter the angular velocity is 10 rad/s so in the next 0.9s it will turn through 10 x 0.9 = 9 radians

    So. in total over the 2.9s it will have turned through 49 radians

    To convert this to revolutions as required by the question, remember that 1 revolution is 2π radians

    so revolutions = 49 radians / 2π radians per rev

    = 7.8 revolutions

  • What is the particle’s angular velocity at t = 7 s?

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